At Doyle Bros, we strive to be at the forefront of sustainable waste management practises and are extremely conscious of the negative impacts of improper waste disposal. The Lab, located at Fairfield East, is our materials recovery facility and the home of our innovative processes.

In 2015, as part of the New South Wales Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative, we were awarded a grant that enabled us to upgrade and improve The Lab. This facility is pivotal in enabling us to process, recover and recycle the mixed general waste we collect in a sustainable manner. As a result, we’re now recycling and reusing over 90% of all waste collected, making us Sydney’s leader in sustainable waste management.


At the same time, we constructed a recycling plant with state of the art sorting and separating technology, giving us the ability to recover the valuable recyclable resources and then manufacture fuel with the residual. The residual non-recyclable waste, previously going to landfill, is now used to manufacture Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF), an alternative fuel source.

The advantage of PEF is the reduction in the use of fossil fuels and harmful landfill emissions, thereby ensuring a more sustainable future for all Australians.

At Doyle Bros, we are extremely proud to be one of the few companies in New South Wales to manufacture PEF from our residual non-recyclable waste.