In 2015, we constructed The Lab a recycling plant with a state-of-the-art sorting and separating technology, giving us the ability to recover valuable recyclable resources and then manufacture quality fuel with the residual waste. The residual non-recyclable waste, previously going to landfill, is now used to manufacture an alternative fuel source commonly known as Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF).

Turns your waste into a reusable and sustainable fuel source.

PEF reduces fossil fuels and harmful landfill emissions.

Doyle Bros is one of few that manufacture PEF.

Reuse, recycle and recover 90% of materials.

The History

In 2015, Doyle Bros was the recipient of a $1.05 million Major Resource Recovery Infrastructure Grant from The NSW Environmental Trust and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), as part of the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative. The grant allowed us to improve our facility in Fairfield, Sydney and increase our processing up to 30,000 tonne of commercial and industrial waste per annum.

As of recent, we at Doyle Bros were awarded the inaugural Presidents Award for Environmentally Sustainable Waste Management. This award humble acknowledged that we do not send our waste up to Queensland and rather manufacture and process it within The Lab and our own facilities.

about us
about us

Our Commitment to the Community

Maintaining our dedicated commitment to sustainability, we have chosen to partner with Orora Paper Mill at Botany to ensure that all materials re recycled and reused in Australia rather than exporting it offshore. Our 20-year relationship with Orora has been extensive and greatly beneficially as we have been able to provide and supply Orora with around 8% of their total feedstock.

Environmental Reporting

In the middle of 2018, we commissioned our fully automated reporting system. This allows the collection vehicles weights, along with the all incoming and outgoing material from ‘The Lab’ to be integrated into the same report. The monthly reports will show the total weight of all material collected, and the total recovery by each categorical type.