8 Recycling Tips for your Sydney office in 2018

For most Sydney businesses, when they think of going green, their attention usually turns to recycling first, and for good reason. Even in 2018 in a city as advanced as Sydney, there are still many commercial entities not stepping up to the mark when it comes to taking care of our environment as best we can. Being an extremely environmentally-aware commercial waste disposal company based here in Sydney, we compiled 5 tips for better recycling processes in your workplace below:

Start with the obvious

While there are many objects which can be recycled, it’s easier to start with the more well-known recyclable materials. Think paper, cans, glass and plastic at first followed by ink cartridges, light bulbs and electrical items like computers.

Invest in Good Recycling Bins

All offices inevitably use a lot of recyclable materials, however not all offices have designated bins to dispose of these materials. As you go through the process of introducing more robust recycling options to your office, ensure that staff are fully aware of these changes and that the new recycling options are fully visible.

Focus on the Bathrooms

Instead of using paper towels in bathrooms, consider installing hand dryers or even better, use hand towels if possible. Research bamboo or other types of organic paper if you must use paper towels.

Appoint a Recycling Co-Ordinator

It helps to appoint one person as a champion for recycling and overall sustainability within the office space. Consider an office manager or an employee who works in administration if they have capacity for this side project.

Water Recycling

It may seem excessive but in a hot climate like we have here in Australia, why not consider leaving containers outside to collect rain water? This water can then be used to water all plants and greenery inside the office.

Encourage the Initiative from the Top

It’s extremely important that the recycling initiative is championed from the business owners or senior management. Their enthusiasm for the new recycling regime will create momentum for the rest of the workforce.

Run a Recycling Awareness Day or Talk

If adoption rates to the new recycling reform are low, consider running a recycling awareness day or presentation to highlight the importance of commercial recycling and sustainability. Why not also run small competitions and offer rewards to those who make the most effort to recycle in the workplace?

Arrange a ‘Swap Day’

A ‘Swap Day’ is a day where your employees can bring in old books, DVDs and games which they no longer use and trade them with each other. This has the dual benefit of encouraging reusing and recycling while also promoting staff morale and closer relationships in the workplace.

Above are 8 simple tips on how you can increase how well your office recycles. Here at Doyle Bros we have been meeting the waste disposal needs of businesses here in Sydney for over 20 years. Call us today for an environmentally-friendly waste disposal quote for your business!


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