5 Tips for Recycling Commercial Paper & Cardboard

Do you know how much waste your workplace produces each week? Studies have shown that the average office of just 100 people produces about 20 bin bags full of waste every single week, which adds up to around 1,000 sacks full of waste every year! The obvious way to reduce this astronomical amount of waste is to recycle wherever possible. Below are 5 tips for recycling in your Sydney workplace:

Watch the Consumption of Paper

If much of your office waste consists of paper then you’re not alone. While many businesses are now encouraging staff to go digital wherever possible with some even banning paper altogether, it’s not always a realistic option. Tips to reduce how much paper is wasted include using both sides of paper for printing and ensuring you receive all bank statements, invoices etc in digital format and not paper copies.

Re-Use, Re-Use, Re-Use!

There are many things in a workplace environment which could easily be used many times over but are often discarded after a single use. Cardboard boxes are a prime example of this! Many office items are delivered in robust cardboard boxes which could be used for storage of items such as stationary or office equipment like cables etc. If there is no option to re-use it, try asking the supplier to take it with them or at the very least ensure it is recycled and not put in a general bin.

Invest in Solid Bins & Labelling

Much of the waste which is sent to landfill which could be recycled happens because of staff laziness. If you invest in some sturdy bins and label them correctly and place them in a convenient location in the workplace, this is likely to have a hugely positive impact on how well your employees approach recycling.

Remove Personal Bins

Once you have invested in good-quality bins for common areas and labelled them correctly for each type of recycling material, remove individual bins from under employees’ desks. Again, laziness will otherwise play a factor and waste paper, cardboard coffee cups and plastic lunch containers will all end up in the personal bins which are deemed general waste instead of the communal recycling bins.

Encourage Recycling of All Materials

While paper and cardboard seem the obvious thing to recycle, there are many pieces of waste thrown in general bins every day in offices which should be recycled. These include glass, light bulbs, toners, batteries, IT equipment, furniture etc. Even most food waste can be composted! It’s particularly important that office managers are informed of what can and can’t be recycled, as they will often be in charge of disposing of used equipment in the workplace.

These are just 5 tips on how you can increase how well your workplace recycles. Here at Doyle Bros we have been meeting the waste disposal needs of businesses here in Sydney for over 20 years. Call us today for an environmentally-friendly waste disposal quote for your business!


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