4 Most Common Commercial Recycling Mistakes in Australia

Many of us were educated on the importance of recycling from a young age, and there are endless reasons as to why it’s important from financial savings to protecting the environment. However, despite the best of intentions, many Sydney businesses still make many mistakes in their recycling efforts. The good news is that these mistakes can be easily rectified once you are aware of them! Below are 4 of the most common commercial recycling mistakes Sydneysiders make:

Inadequate Separation

One of the most common mistakes Sydney businesses make when it comes to recycling is not separating their recycling waste correctly. Typically recycling works one of two ways, single stream or dual stream. Single stream is pretty self-explanatory, all recyclables can be stored together including glass, paper, cardboard, plastics and metal, while dual-stream requires the paper and cardboard to be kept separate from the others. Its important to know which method your waste disposal company requires to ensure you don’t spoil materials which could have been recycled.

Not Removing Lids from Plastic or Glass Bottles and Containers

Most plastic bottles are now recyclable which is great news for the environment however their lids are the enemy of recycling facilities in Australia and around the world. If they are left on, they can trap the liquid contents of the bottle which can cause contamination to paper and cardboard (see next point!). Plastic lids should be removed and disposed of in general waste. Always ensure glass and plastic bottles and containers are emptied and rinsed before placing them in your recycling bin.

Food and Drink Contamination

Another issue waste disposal companies like Doyle Bros face when it comes to processing your commercial recycling is food and drink contamination. While it seems like the easy option to leave the toppings which fell off your pizza or the last slice in the box, it can render the cardboard box unrecyclable. Ensure that all recyclables are cleaned and rinsed before placing them in to the recycling bin. This includes plastic containers which may have held food along with cardboard boxes and bags.

Putting Your Recyclables in Plastic Bags

Arguably the worst mistake Australians make when it comes to commercial recycling is placing the recyclable items in plastic bags and tying them. Soft plastic is a very difficult material to recycle for a start and contaminates the entire recycling stream. For safety reasons some recycling facilities cannot open tied bags meaning they may end up going straight to landfill. If you take one point away from this article, please stop putting your recyclables in plastic bags, straight into the recycling bins is perfect!

Here at Doyle Bros we have been meeting the waste disposal needs of businesses here in Sydney for over 20 years. Call us today for an environmentally-friendly waste disposal quote for your business!


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